Results 2019

West Midlands UTC are extremely pleased with our Year 13 outcomes. We have continued with the trend of making year-on-year improvements


Average UCAS points score per student
2019: 105 (B, C, C +)
2018: 101
2017: 83


Academic value added is +0.26 which is significantly up on last year’s figure of -0.33.

A-level value added is +0.20 which is above our ambitious target of +0.18 and significantly up on the 2018 figure of -0.49.

We should also mention our specialist areas of Construction and Art & Design who achieved some impressive outcomes.

Results 2019

Congratulations to some of our very best performers who achieved the following outcomes:

Amy Lynk                           A*, A*, A, B, C

Joshkaran Dasoria              A*, A*, A*

Michael Gower                     A*, A*, C, C

Joshua Turner                    A, A, A


UTC staff are now working hard on destinations. Many of our students have secured their places to university but quite a large number are in the process of attending interviews for apprenticeships and we will continue to support them throughout the summer.

Results 2019

Results 2019

GCSE Results August 2019


We were pleased to receive our GCSE results and noted that we have maintained the improvements made last year, improving further in many areas of Attainment 8


Particularly high achievers with an incredible set of results include:


A** is a 9, A* an 8 etc…, some grades still appear as letters, in the interest of consistency we have presented as follows…
Kaleem Ahmed                 3 A**,4 A*, A, B
Jamie Lee-Hurst               1 A**, 3 A, 5 C
Daniel Mani                       1 A**, 1A*, 5 A, 2 B
Aaron Patel                        2 A**, 4 A, 2 B, C
Niamh Southwell              1 A**, 2 A*, 3 A, 2 B, C


Well done to all of our students.

Av Gill