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Performance Table

Performance Table

2018 Examination Results

I would like to start by congratulating our most recent leavers on their examination achievements and their success in achieving such worthwhile destinations. A number of students achieved some of the best GCSE grades in Wolverhampton including:

A** is a 9, A* an 8 etc…, some grades still appear as letters, in the interest of consistency we have presented as follows…
Georgina: 1 A**, 3 A*, 6 A, B
Rudis: 5 A*, 1 A, 2 B, 2 C
Emily: 1 A**, 3 A*, 3 A, 3 B
Kian: 4 A*, 1 A, 6 C
Gurpal: 1 A**, 3 A, 4 B, 3C
Sarbjeet: 2 A*, 5 A, 3 B
Claudia: 1 A**, 1 A*, 3 A, 4 B, 2 C

There were also similar success stories at A-level with the average grades per student rising this year to grades B, B, C. Some of the big achievers included Jo who achieved grades A, A, A and B and will be going on to study Architecture at Birmingham University. A massive well done to Jo.

One of the reasons that our students make the decision to attend a UTC is the improved offer around employability. In fact of our Year 13 leavers 42% have secured an apprenticeship, the national average is only 6%!


This years’ publication is based on the 2017-18 cohort at West Midlands UTC. Progress 8 measures do not tell the full story of what a UTC offers. Progress 8 is measured from 11 to 16 and when students come to us they have had three years elsewhere, often not very successfully. Students make really good progress from 14-16 while they are with us. Our specialism subjects carry less weighting within this measure and like many UTCs and newly opening schools, the first cohort had within it a number of students for whom individual outcomes have a significant effect on whole school figures. Subsequent cohorts are more typical of what you would find in other schools but the effect of a very small number on overall figures can be large. For example, The UTC Progress 8 Score would be -0.4 if we didn’t count 4 students who arrived in Y10 with significant issues from other schools and were unable to complete Y11 with us. We are proud of the UTC’s significant improvement from 2017 figures and our tracking data indicates continued improvement as we move forwards.


We are immensely proud of what is being achieved and know that the students themselves believe the move to the UTC was definitely the right choice. Part of our mission, as defined by employer sponsors, is in the development of the ‘whole person’, improving soft skills, confidence, determination and overall employability. This, coupled with our specialist curriculum, is what makes us the right next step towards a potential career in innovation, design or construction.


The current students at the UTC are much more typical of a normal school cohort and we are excited by the very significant improvements that tracking data tells us we will achieve in the next year.


Keystage 4
School Progress 8 Score: -0.63
School Attainment 8 Score: 35.4
Percentage of pupils who’ve achieved grade 5 or above in English and Maths at the end of KS4: 26%
Percentage of pupils entering English Baccalaureate: 6%
Percentage of pupils who’ve achieved the English Baccalaureate: 3%
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4 (destination): not published by DfE for this cohort currently


Keystage 5
Progress students have made compared with students across the country for A levels: -0.49 (Below average)
Progress students have made compared with students across the country for Academic: -0.33 (Average)
Progress students have made compared with students across the country for Applied General L3 qualifications: 0.18 (Average)

Average grade for A levels: D-
Average grade for Academic: D-
Average grade for Applied General L3 qualifications: Merit
Average grade for Tech level qualifications: Merit

Progress students have made in re-take English: 0.56
Progress students have made in re-take Maths: 0.71


Retention figures for the school are planned for release in March 2019:

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