Lovell Partnerships Ltd

Company overview:

Lovell built and sold the UK’s first affordable partnership homes back in 1972, in Swindon. In 1983, Lovell delivered our first design and build scheme, which led to the mixed tenure housing model that is now so familiar.  Today Lovell still design, build and sell new homes, but also do so much more. Lovell provide finance for land purchasing, for example, and have a division dedicated to refurbishing and maintaining homes and communities across England, Scotland and Wales.

Nationally, Lovell have around 1,400 employees. Spread across six regional teams, they build incredibly effective relationships with our clients, residents, communities and supply chain partners.

UTC partnership:

Lovell Partnerships Ltd are proud patrons of WMCUTC and wish to actively support students in gaining top quality academic and vocational qualifications, with a view to contributing to the local community and meeting some of our future recruitment needs.  Lovell will provide site visits, work experience places, mentors and work alongside students on a housebuilding project.