Technical projects

Technical projects that will look great on your CV

At the West Midlands UTC (WMUTC) we have some incredible partners in the Innovate, Build and Design sector. They’ll be working closely with us to set technical projects that will give you the skills you need to be a real asset to an employer.

We are constantly developing new projects but some of the projects so far include:

School in a Box – design and build a flat-pack school to be shipped overseas and built where it’s needed. You will need to consider all of the design limitations and materials available for the client who could be anywhere around the world and in challenging circumstances.

Hi Speed 2 – survey, plan and build a narrow gauge railway line around the UTC grounds to model the civil engineering skills needed for a major infrastructure project like High Speed 2. At the end of the project you’ll even have the chance to drive our own locomotive around the track!

Smart Tower – survey, design, plan and build a new accommodation block required by a local university. However, the tower must incorporate all of the latest smart technologies and efficiency saving measures!

World Cup – assess a football stadium and determine what it takes to manage a huge facility during a major event. You will need to investigate the structure and facilities to determine what needs maintaining, repairing, replacing or upgrading. Consider how the structure works with thousands of people inside it and build structural models to understand how it has been built.

Grand Design – create your ideal eco-home using the most modern and innovative design tools. Use our advanced ICT facilities to create a virtual model of your home that you can walk through. Then turn this into a scale model with cutting edge 3D printers, laser cutters and 3D routers.

Many more projects are being developed with our employer partners and each one will give you a set of skills that will make you stand out when applying for jobs in the construction industry.